Membership Application

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  • Firm / Company Information

  • Accredited Representative Information

    The membership shall stand in the name of the person, firm or corporation engaged in electrical contracting. Each member shall have a duly accredited representative listed with the National Association who shall be the owner, a partner or officer, or occupy a responsible position with the member.
  • Understanding

    All applications are subject to board approval. We understand that if approved for membership, we will receive a Membership Plaque on loan and the right to use the trademarked NECA logos and seal. We agree to immediately surrender the Membership Plaque to the Secretary of the National Association and to cease use of logos and seal upon termination of our membership for any reason. We agree to abide by the governing documents (Constitution, Bylaws, etc.) of the National Association and chapter now in force, as well as those that may be properly adopted in the future. We understand that contributions or gifts to NECA are not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes as “charitable contributions”, but may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.
  • Business Codes

    *Check any / all that apply
  • Payment Information

    You will be contacted from someone within our organization to process dues for the first twelve months in the amount of $200.